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Peace building

Protection and Peace building is Uganda’s core program and is intended to provide expeditious, quality and .... read more

Education Program

PROFA Uganda’s education program tends to advocate for all children to be enrolled in school with key focus..... read more

Livelihood Program

We promote community and youth empowerment through our livelihood programs for socio-economic ..... read more

Health and Nutrition

PROFA Uganda provides better health protection for all in times of emergencies and development, save lives and builds.... read more

WASH Program

We look at increasing access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in schools and communities. This program.... read more

Other Programs

PROFA Uganda looks forward to introduce additional programs to foster a sustainable humanitarian development

Our perspective

Is that building sustainable humanitarian development program is possible and can be achieved only when we research, advocate, .......... read more

Our Vision

To have healthy, educated, peaceful and creative communities with access to rights, basic social services and information regardless of their race........ read more

Our Mission

To undertake sustainable humanitarian development response programs to the vulnerable communities through health, education, livelihood,.......... read more

Our Values

Promotion of Equality , Protection and respect for Human rights Professionalism, and ethical and innovative leadership Result achievement , accountability and transparency : Resilience and self-reliance and honesty : Believe in God, charity work and prayers:

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