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About PROFA Uganda

Protection for all (PROFA Uganda) is a non-profit and non-governmental Community based Organization (CBO) founded in 2018 as a result of a community school started by a team of professional and dynamic humaniterian workers in 2017 to help educate and support vulnerable children and ensure children, women, youth, and other vulnerable in the communities are protected and have access to their basic rights and needs of life. The organization attained her registration as a community-based organization (CBO) while Obongi was under Moyo District with registration number MDLD/CBO/18006 and has been accredited as a CBO in Obongi .....

Profile Cont'd

District with permit number ODLG/CBO/629-20006P . Driven by the desire to respond to the perpetual humanitarian and development needs in the country with various stakeholders, PROFA strives to build a strong, resilient and sustainable programs to address the recurrent host community and refugee needs. PROFA has its head quarter in West Nile, Obongi District at Obongi Town Council along Konyokonyo Village.

PROFA perceives that:

Humanitarian and development programs that are responsive to community needs through research, advocacy, enhancing access to information, livelihood assets and protection of vulnerable members of communities is the vehicle to sustainable community development. The organization was formed to implement programs under health and nutrition, livelihoods WASH, education, and protection.

PROFA believes that:

  • Through connected and integrated research, needs assessment, collaboration and coordination with stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries is; community humanitarian and development gaps can be addressed effectively
  • Building a resilient and sustainable systems for humanitarian development comes from building the local capacity of individuals, families, communities and local governments/partners to identify their problems and address their needs with the available resources.
  • Individuals and families can live healthy and peaceful lives, and plan for their families when they have knowledge of the right to healthy life, environment, their roles and responsibilities, where and how to access the basic affordable social services they require within their communities.

To have healthy, educated, peaceful, creative and resilient communities with access to rights, basic social services, right information and practices.


To undertake sustainable humanitarian development response programs to the vulnerable communities with focus on health and nutrition, livelihood, WASH, education, protection and peace building to improve their quality of life and be self-reliant.

Our Perspective

Is that building sustainable humanitarian development program is possible and can be achieved only when we research, advocate, sensitize and create awareness in the communities about health and nutrition, protection/respect for human rights and peace building , livelihood , WASH, and education and social promotion

Our Values

  •    Professionalism, and ethical leadership through expertise and required capacity: PROFA Uganda strives for quality services by engaging experienced and capable personnel with leadership skills.
  •    Result achievement, accountability and transparency: With competent staff and system PROFA looks up to honesty, integrity and transparency among the team in the course of providing the humanitarian services with major discipline in observing donor requirements.
  •   Innovation, resilience and self-reliance: PROFA Uganda with range of multi skilled staff intends to promote creativity and resilience among the staff and beneficiaries to be self-sustaining and independency.

  •    Promotion of Equality, Protection and respect for Human rights: PROFA Uganda intends to work with communities /actors to promote equality, protection and respect for human rights. We look at protecting the rights of Children, women, girls and advocate for gender equality.
  •    Believe in God, charity and prayers: Trusting in purpose of creation and believing in God PROFA looks up to aiding and promoting charitable work to the needy in the communities.


In support of the humanitarian-development nexus, PROFA Uganda aims to ensure the organization’s activities are aligned and contribute to the shared objectives and collective outcomes of development programming. Towards this, over the three years programme period, PROFA Uganda plans to undertake humanitarian interventions under the three main strategic objectives below.

PROFA Uganda Strategic Objectives

  • Reduce morbidity and mortality, as well as suffering from protection threats and incidents, of the most vulnerable populations in severity levels.
  • Facilitate safe, equitable and dignified access to critical cross-sectoral basic health/nutrition , educational and WASH services to enable populations to meet their basic needs in locations of severity levels
    • Enable vulnerable people to recover from crisis, seek solutions to displacement, and build resilience to acute shocks and chronic stresses through targeted programming to support coping capacities and livelihoods in prioritized areas


    Our Amazing Team

    We have a dedicated team of professionals to ensure the success of the organization

    Mr Vukoni Kizito Aliga Executive director
    Mr Akomi Vic Innocent Deputy Executive director

    Team Qualities

    •    Goal and object oriented
    •    Good leadership
    •    Organised
    •    Diverse
    •    Accountability