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Our Profile

PROFA Uganda is a non-profit, community based organization found by a team of volunteer humanitarian workers and well wishers with communities and governments to build strong, resilient and sustainable humanitarian and protection in development agenda in protecting interest of communities through programs such as health and nutrition, WASH, livelihood, education, protection and peace building/access to justice for all be self-dependent


To have healthy, educated, peaceful and creative communities with access to rights, basic social services and information regardless of their race, ethnicity ,gender or nationality .


To undertake sustainable humanitarian development response programs to the vulnerable communities through health, education, livelihood, WASH, protection and peace building to improve there quality of life and be self-dependent.

Our perspective

Is that building sustainable humanitarian development program is possible and can be achieved only when we research, advocate, sensitize and create awareness in the communities about health and nutrition, protection/respect for human rights and peace building , livelihood , WASH, and education and social promotion

Our Values

  •    Promotion of Equality , Protection and respect for Human rights
  •    Professionalism, and ethical and innovative leadership
  •    Result achievement , accountability and transparency
  •    Resilience and self-reliance and honesty

Our Amazing Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals to ensure the success of the organization

Team Qualities

  •    Goal and object oriented
  •    Good leadership
  •    Organised
  •    Diverse
  •    Diverse