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Education Program

PROFA Uganda’s education program itends to advocate for all children to be enrolled in school with key focus on promotion of girl child education by creating a link between communities, parents and the school through capacity development trainings to enhance them with knowledge on gender mainstreaming and value of educating the girl child. The program shall also look at major factor affecting girls continuation with education and respond there to, and enable the adolescent girls continue to be in school till completion of education cycle especially of primary and secondary since majority of our adolescent girls especially in the rural areas are vulnerable and hardly complete education levels

Our education program plans to provide remedial education for children aged between 14-17 who may not be able to join formal school with vocational skills through apprenticeship trainings to enable them acquire skills that are marketable in the local communities and generate employment opportunities for them and meet there livelihoods and support families and develop. The program also intends to support the married young women with adult education programs to help build their capacities for easy socio-economic development and emancipate them to so as to minimize domestic violence in families and the communities

Our interventions focus on;