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PROFA Uganda Health Programme.

PROFA Uganda targets people with life-saving health care services. The targeted population include caseloads of IDPs and refugee, and 50 per cent of the host community population. PROFA’s Health Sector response activities aim to improve access to health care services for a prioritized vulnerable population in order to reduce excess morbidity and mortality of epidemic-prone diseases. Integrated quality essential health care services with nutrition, food security and livelihoods, WASH, and health protection will be scaled-up targeting people with physical and mental disabilities and survivors of SGBV. Improved access to essential health services will contribute to the overall reduction of the high maternal mortality rates in women and children and mitigate the transmission of vaccine preventable diseases. PROFA Uganda Health Sector plan prioritized responses based on the epidemiological profile of disease outbreaks and seasonality and trauma related emergency requirements.

Response modalities will be a combination of mobile, static, fixed and rapid response mechanisms. Integrated disease surveillance and response data, early warning alert and response system data, and data related to disruption of services and disability tracking tools will inform the determination of the feasibility of the response.

PROFA Uganda Health Sector will involve the communities and existing development health programs along with the County/subcounty/parish Health Department in the planning and organization of emergency health services. This will promote best practices through monitoring the frequency and use of related outcomes to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate PROFA’s health projects in all stages of the program cycle as an indicator for providing accountability to the affected populations. Mental health and psychosocial support and disability are highlighted components to be included and strengthened in the PROFA Health Strategic Plan (HSP) and will be supported with enriched data and information collected through assessments, surveys and information management databases and tools. Essential health. Similarly, with the global pandemic of COVID-19, PROFA Uganda will strive to focus projects aiming at education (awareness) and both the disease and preventive measures as it has been doing in collaboration with the District Medical services.