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PROFA Uganda Livelihoods and Environment Programme

Between 2020 - 2023, PROFA Uganda Livelihood Programme will provide humanitarian life-saving assistance to 200,000 people who are in need. PROFA Livelihood Programme focus over the three years’ period is on providing food assistance to prevent famine and improve food consumption, dietary diversity and coping strategies for vulnerable populations; enhancing emergency food production through complementary vegetable and crop seeds, fishing and livestock support; and reducing dependency on food and agricultural inputs to support and strengthen households’ ability to absorb shocks.

The first two objectives are the core of the PROFA Livelihood Programme account for more than 90 per cent of funding which will be implemented in the 6 sub counties in Obongi District contributing directly to the first strategic objective. Beneficiary targeting is based on vulnerability and resource allocations determined by the IPC of food insecurity analysis. These objectives will also contribute to the ‘prioritized areas’ under the second and third strategic objectives which target living standards, recovery and resilience, as these will be drawn up in locations already supported under the first strategic objective.

PROFA Uganda Livelihood Programme aims to have integrated actions with the Nutrition Programme in all the sub -counties where there are approximately nutrition facilities planned for FSL backyard kitchen gardens. This will support improved nutrition outcomes including feeding, hygiene, cooking and improved agronomic practices which will contribute to the first strategic objective.

This builds on the existing collaboration among World Food Programme (WFP), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Inter sectoral contributions will be more through geographical convergence with the ‘critical integrated services’ provided by PROFA WASH, Health, Education, Nutrition, and Protection Programme. PROFA Livelihood Program’s will target further 20,000 people with agronomic training, value addition, saving and loans and asset building activities. Factoring in double counting across three objectives PROFA Livelihood Programme target 220,000 Uganda over the three years’ period.