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PROFA Uganda Protection Programme

Overall, in Protection PROFA targets over 800 people with protection services in 2020. This includes approximately 350 individuals targeted with child protection services, about people targeted under the GBV sub-sector, some. In addition, more than 200 people are targeted with activities under General Protection (GP).
During the three years’ period, PROFA Uganda Protection Programme focuses on the provision of critical protection-related assistance and specialized services through an integrated approach to address the priority needs of targeted vulnerable women, children, men, girls and boys in hard-to-reach and priority geographical areas.

This is linked with the first and second strategic objectives which concentrate on improving the physical and mental well-being and living standards of people by reducing suffering and ensuring basic services. Response activities will also touch on prevention and mitigation of protection risks through enhanced preparedness and resilience while seeking durable solutions of IDPs/refugees and other vulnerable people in associating with the third strategic objective on building the resilience of communities. Protection assessment and monitoring will be enhanced to inform protection and overall humanitarian response. Key sub-groups include women, children, youth, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

PROFA Uganda Protection Programme that consists of three Areas of responsibility including Child Protection, GBV and HLP and will include activities related to comprehensive case management and referrals; provision of psychosocial support; legal awareness; assistance and counselling services; protection assessments; monitoring and awareness-raising delivered though a mix of strategies including community-based intervention (CBI); mobile and static protection monitoring and assessment together with community based protection; preparedness and protection risk mitigation activities; protection by presence; survey and clearance of explosive hazards; peace building and peaceful co-existence activities.

People are at the centre of all PROFA protection programming, as protection interventions aim to address individual and community level vulnerabilities, threats, risks, and coping mechanisms through prevention, mitigation, and response activities. Community-based protection mechanisms directly support communities in identifying and addressing protection issues through their own locally relevant approaches. Case management, psychosocial support, referrals, and legal services, amongst other interventions, work with individuals and communities to ensure their human rights and physical and mental well-being are put at the forefront of services.

The Protection Programme response will consist of a mix of static, outreach, and mobile modalities. Static programming will take place in deep field locations where there are significant concentrated populations of refugees/ IDPs, and host communitiess.